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Because everyone deserves all the best tools to help their lives be full of energy and wellness, the Visum Light delivers. Offering operator-controlled wavelengths, dosing, frequencies, timer and 4 operating modes, the Visum Light is intended to be your go-to tool for a complete approach to superhuman therapy.

By combining science, functionality and affordability, the Visum Light can benefit the patient by improving their health, wellness and self-esteem. This benefits the practitioner and practice by being equipped to provide the best therapy for your patients while increasing in-house services and having happy, satisfied customers who not only return, but share these experiences with their friends and families.

Until now, there has not been an affordable general wellness device that offers all of these comprehensive healing options. Using the Visum Light, with treatment strategies that have been proven to provide treatment results over and over again, you are equipped for the future of photobiomodulation applications.